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Underfloor heating system layout in a building floor plan
Professional underfloor heating installation
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Revolutionise your Livingston home with quality heating solutions

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We know all too well the chill winds that blow through Livingston and that finding the best heating solution can afford you the ultimate comfort and a snug, welcoming environment throughout your home. Wave goodbye to those icy floor shocks in the morning and turn your central heating into the beating heart of your home, in which you enjoy warmth and tranquillity as never before.

Our skilled engineers in Livingston are long-term masters of their craft. They specialise in underfloor heating systems and will build a bespoke solution that revolves around you. The result? Incredible efficiency, a whole lot of warmth and your home will very soon be the place to be - packed with contentment.

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Art of underfloor heating

Supreme comfort with Next Level

Trustworthy underfloor heating specialists guaranteeing your satisfaction

In home heating installations, the demand for quick turnarounds often trumps the quest for greatness. In the end, homeowners are often left with less-than-desirable results and regret as they face costly complications that could have been avoided.

At Next Level, our commitment to greatness shines through with every installation, as we put our clients before all else and are committed to your satisfaction and the lasting efficiency of your heating system. Leveraging our detail-oriented process and exclusive use of A-quality materials, we knowingly dare to promise that your installation will be as precise as it is thorough, providing more than just warmth but quality that resonates for years to come.

Underfloor heating system installation by cutting into floor
Photo collage of underfloor heating system in a private house. Professionally laid floor heating pipes.

Decades of know-how

Ensuring enduring comfort for generations in Livingston

Safeguarding your property’s cosiness for the next half-century

Since our establishment in 2006, Next Level has been steadfastly devoted to providing unmatched underfloor heating solutions tailored specifically for the Livingston community. Committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence, each installation we undertake is not merely a pledge of quality but a testament to our steadfast commitment to ensuring your utmost comfort.

When you choose Next Level for your heating requirements, you're not only deciding for the present but investing in your property's future. Our confidence in the durability and dependability of our systems is underscored by our unprecedented 50-year guarantee – a reflection of our unwavering dedication to your peace of mind.

Our seasoned experts, deeply rooted in Livingston, possess extensive experience in underfloor and hydronic heating systems. From initial concept to final execution, we collaborate closely with you to develop a solution that seamlessly harmonises with your property, ensuring lasting warmth and contentment.

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Sectors We Specialise In

We are able to provide you with quality heating solutions, regardless of the sector you’re in:

Cutting-edge heating innovations

Embracing the benefits of underfloor heating

Unlock the comfort and efficiency that await you post-installation

Exploring the realm of underfloor heating systems in Livingston unveils frequently overlooked advantages that can significantly enhance your daily life:

  • Increased warmth
  • Additional space
  • Energy efficiency
  • Simple installations
  • Personalised temperature control
  • More safety
High-quality underfloor heating system installed on a professional floor

Underfloor heating magic

Livingston’s underfloor heating mechanisms

Experience unparalleled comfort with advanced UFH technology

When you choose Next Level for your underfloor heating installation, our skilled technicians embark on a detailed process to guarantee optimal comfort within your residence. Commencing with precisely positioning a network of pipes beneath your flooring, we establish a seamless circuit for circulating warm water, gently dispersing heat from the ground upwards.

Subsequently, our installation specialists meticulously layer crucial components atop these pipes, augmenting their efficiency and efficacy. Finally, a careful application of cement screed envelops the system, amplifying warmth throughout your living areas ensuring lasting comfort and snugness.

Each stage of the installation procedure, from the strategic arrangement of the piping to the final application of the screed, is carried out with meticulous precision and attention. Upon completion of the installation, the only noticeable transformation will be the comforting warmth enveloping your Livingston abode.

Crafting comfort

Next Level’s simplified heating strategy

Receive serene living through our effortless heating solutions


Discovery session

Kick off your quest for warmth and comfort by contacting our knowledgeable heating professionals in Livingston. Over the phone or in writing, we'll chat in detail so we can understand specifically what you need and guide you to the underfloor heating system that will slip seamlessly into your home.


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Request a visit from our skilled contractors, who will comprehensively survey your Livingston property. After completing our survey, our contractors will give you a clear, no-obligation quote.


Seamless installation

Once we've ironed out the details of your plan, our professional team will swing into action with installing your system. We'll lay down your underfloor heating system precisely and apply the screed with our customary skill so it integrates perfectly with your flooring.


Embrace comfort

Once we've installed your system, all that's left is for you to sit back and enjoy the sumptuous comfort of one of our underfloor heating systems.

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Frequently asked questions

Underfloor heating is a heating system that is installed beneath the flooring of a building. It works by producing heat and radiating it upwards. This can offer a space heating solution for an entire building or a room.

Underfloor heating comprises a series of pipes, or electric heating elements, bound within the floor structure of a building. Warm water is circulated through the floor from a heat source (e.g., boiler or heat pump) in the best heating system or is subjected to an electric current to generate heat in electrical heating.

Underfloor heating can be installed under a variety of different types of flooring, including (but not limited to) tile, stone, engineered wood, laminate, and even carpet - although these are generally more effective when paired with underfloor heating of less than 2.5 tog, as anything thicker can insulate the floor against the air above.

Underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature than a radiator, and being a radiant heat, the warmth is more evenly distributed. These factors can result in a more efficient heating system that creates lower energy consumption and could mean a lower heating bill.

Underfloor heating can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks, depending on the type of system and the size and complexity of the installation. The heating tubes are installed at the point of lay, which is relatively straightforward; generally, one pipe loop laying is installed daily. All the associated manifolds are installed and connected to the boiler, heat pump, hot water cylinder, etc.

Underfloor heating can be retrofitted in an existing home but will be much more involved and possibly more costly. Depending on the type of system, it may require lifting up any existing flooring and laying the system beneath it.

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