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Enhance your home's warmth with innovative underfloor heating system

Underfloor heating system layout in a building floor plan
Floor heating system prepared for concrete pouring.
Leveled floor slab with heating system installed.

Unmatched serenity

Transform your Fife abode with cutting-edge heating solutions

Embrace consistent comfort throughout every season

Here, on the stately and breezy coastal grounds of Fife’s seaside, we know how that constant nip in the air brings chills throughout the home. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We are here to help you discover the perfect heating solution to ensure you’re never cold or need to flee your property in search of warmth.

In Fife, our experienced engineers are more than just service providers – they’re crafts masters and do it all with a passion for excellence. Our unique, tailor-made underfloor heating systems do wonders. Combine that with service and maintenance, and the desired result is extraordinary efficiency and plentiful warmth.

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Fife’s underfloor heating craftsmanship

Take your comfort to new heights with Next Level

Reliable underfloor heating experts ensuring your complete satisfaction

When it comes to home heating installations, some companies tend to do things fast, making their clients disappointed and facing problems they don’t need to go through. That’s where Next Level comes in to save the day.

We believe that things should be done right. Our heating company is focused only on our clients and our main goal is to ensure that your heating system works perfectly and lives long. We pay attention to each detail, using only high-quality materials and make sure that your heating installation is done with care and precision. We care not only about keeping you warm – we care about keeping you warm for the years to come.

Completed installation of floor heating system in a large multi-room building with leveling beacons for screed pouring.
Carefully installed water underfloor heating system.

Legacy of expertise

Securing lasting comfort for Fife families across generations

Protecting your property’s warmth and comfort for the next fifty years

Founded in 2006, Next Level is a devoted underfloor heating provider for the Fife community. Our core commitment is to ensure that every installation is done to the maximum standard of excellence and to your comfort.

Selecting Next Level as your heating provider guarantees your present and future comfort. Our confidence in underfloor and hydronic heating ensures that every system we install is fully guaranteed. And our guarantee of 50 years is unparalleled.

The depth of our experience, firmly planted in Fife, is an investment in years of comprehensive underfloor and hydronic heating knowledge. From conceptualisation to installation, we guide you via every stage of installation to make sure your Fife property is equipped with a warm, dependable underfloor heating system.

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Sectors we specialise in

Next Level has the expertise to help a range of sectors, and our two main ones are:

The best heating solutions

Harnessing the advantages of Fife underfloor heating

Experience the comfort and efficiency that waits for you post-installation

Delving into the topic of underfloor heating systems in Fife reveals a wide range of often unnoticed benefits that can truly elevate your day-to-day living experience:

Workers installing floor heating system in a vast industrial space, top view.

The magic of UFH

Fife’s finest underfloor heating systems

Dive into unmatched comfort with state-of-the-art UFH technology

Our experienced technical specialists perform this process when we install underfloor heating Next Level in Fife:

They lay down a system of pipes across your home, allowing warm water to flow through them, heating it from the base up. Next, we attach essential parts to the pipes to enable them to function correctly. Following that, we lay a thin layer of cement screed across the system. This makes it easier for the heat generated by the system to spread throughout your home.

This is a very precise process, and after its completion, the majority of you will notice the warm, comfortable feeling about your Fife homes, and you won’t even see anything different other than the fact that you find your living/work area comfortable and present.

Tailoring your comfort

Streamlined heating excellence by Next Level

Achieve comfortable living with our effortless heating solutions


Initial consultation

Contact our Fife heating experts to get started on your journey to a warm and cosy home. Following a consultation over the phone or email, our team will be able to determine your unique needs and recommend the perfect solution for your home, all made to measure to accommodate any space seamlessly.


On-site evaluation

Our Fife contractors will visit your property to conduct an assessment and inspection. This inspection will be used to craft a quote with no hidden fees or attached strings – keeping our process as transparent as possible.


Effortless installation

With a perfect plan in place, our experts will install your new heating system with expert precision. The floors will be laid, and the heating system will be added, followed by the screed.


Enjoy the serenity

With your new underfloor heating system installed, the only thing left is to kick back and enjoy our systems' quiet comfort to turn your home into a sanctuary of peace.

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Frequently asked questions

Underfloor heating works by using warm water that circulates internally through pipes installed beneath the floor surface or electric heating elements. Radiant heating heats the floor, which then radiates upward and ensures a secure and even temperature in the room.

Underfloor heating is suitable for different floor coverings, from tiles, stones, laminate, engineered wood, and even carpet; however, the carpet should have low thermal resistance. Nevertheless, it is vital to consult a professional at Next Level to assess which floor type is suitable for underfloor heating.

The benefits include even distribution of heat throughout the room, eliminating the visible radiators, thus creating more space for furniture, low energy consumption leading to the reduced heating system, and side comfort of warm floors, especially during cold seasons.

It can be installed in an initial home; however, the process may vary with several factors, including the property construction method used and the type of underfloor heating system to be installed.

Underfloor heating can be used alongside other renewable sources of heating, such as heat pumps or solar thermal systems. Using other renewable sources of energy helps maximise energy efficiency and increase source sustainability.

Installation can take several days to complete, depending on the type of underfloor, room dimensions, design, and complexity of the installation process.

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