Seamless Underfloor Heating Innovations in East Kilbride

Upgrade your property with cutting-edge underfloor heating solutions

Underfloor heating system layout in a building floor plan
Professionally installed underfloor heating system
Quality concrete floor leveling over the heating system

Embrace year-round warmth

Elevate your East Kilbride home with unmatched comfort

Say goodbye to chilly nights and welcome lasting cosiness

The chill is well acquainted with East Kilbride, and getting the perfect heating solution is essential for comfort and a welcoming glow throughout your home. Say so long to the cold floor jolt in the morning, and hello to a world of warmth and relaxation that becomes just as vital as your home's heartbeat: your central heating.

In East Kilbride, our skilled technicians are professionals of their art, focusing on underfloor heating systems and creating custom solutions that match your needs and wants precisely. Prepare to enjoy your efficiency, warmth and a fantastic new home filled with contentment.

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Expert UFH craftsmanship

Unparalleled comfort with Next Level

Dedicated underfloor heating experts ensuring your ultimate satisfaction

In heating installations, the race for speed often overshadows the pursuit of quality. This unfortunate compromise frequently leaves homeowners grappling with substandard outcomes and a future filled with regrets over preventable, costly issues. Underfloor heating, designed to blend seamlessly into your living space while providing unparalleled comfort, can suffer significantly from rushed installations.

This is where our commitment at Next Level shines through. We prioritise our clients above all else, placing utmost importance on your satisfaction and the enduring functionality of your heating system. With our meticulous approach and utilisation of premium-grade materials, rest assured that your installation will be executed with precision and care.

Water pipes for floor heating before leveling in an unfinished house room
Collage of underfloor heating system in a large room with separate hot water connection points

A legacy of expertise

Securing half a century of comfort in East Kilbride

Guaranteeing your property’s warmth for the next 50 years

Since our inception in 2006, Next Level has been dedicated to delivering unparalleled underfloor heating solutions tailored specifically for the East Kilbride community. Committed to the highest standards of excellence, every installation we undertake is a promise of quality and a testament to our unwavering dedication to ensuring your comfort.

When you entrust Next Level with your heating needs, you're not just choosing the present; you're investing in the future of your property. Our confidence in the longevity and reliability of our systems is reflected in our unprecedented 50-year guarantee – a testament to our unwavering commitment to your peace of mind.

Our team of experts, rooted in East Kilbride, boasts a wealth of experience in both underfloor and hydronic heating systems. We collaborate closely with you from conception to completion to craft a solution that seamlessly integrates with your property.

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Sectors we specialise in

No matter your needs or the property type, we will be able to help you out in either of these sectors:

Unrivalled heating systems

The advantages of East Kilbride underfloor heating

Discover the benefits awaiting you after installation

Embracing underfloor heating systems in East Kilbride opens doors to a host of often underestimated benefits that can profoundly elevate your everyday living:

  • Consistent warmth and comfort
  • Space maximisation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Versatile installation
  • Tailored temperature control
  • Enhanced safety
Photocollage of underfloor heating system in a large private house, laid in the corridor and various rooms

Secrets of UFH

The inner workings of underfloor heating systems in East Kilbride

Embrace unmatched comfort and efficiency with UFH technology

When you entrust your underfloor heating installation to Next Level in East Kilbride, our adept technicians meticulously ensure optimal comfort throughout your home. Beginning with precisely placing a network of pipes beneath your flooring, we establish a seamless circuit for warm water flow, gently radiating heat from the ground upwards.

Next, our installation experts meticulously layer essential components atop these pipes, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness. Finally, an application of cement screed encases the system, amplifying the distribution of warmth throughout your living spaces, ensuring enduring comfort and cosiness.

Every step of the installation process, from the strategic layout of the piping to the final application of the screed, is executed with precision and care. When the installation is complete, the only noticeable difference will be the comforting warmth enveloping your East Kilbride home.

Tailoring tranquility

Next Level’s streamlined heating approach

A journey to cosy living in simple steps:


Initial consultation

Connect with our knowledgeable heating specialists in East Kilbride via phone or email. We're dedicated to understanding your unique requirements and guiding you towards a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates with your home.


Site evaluation

Schedule a visit from our seasoned contractors, who will conduct a thorough on-site assessment of your property. Following this assessment, we'll provide you with a transparent, no-obligation quote tailored to your budgetary constraints.


Effortless installation

Once you've approved the proposed plan, our skilled team will initiate the installation process. With precision and expertise, we'll lay down the underfloor heating system and meticulously apply the screed, ensuring a flawless integration with your flooring.


All the comfort

With the installation phase complete, it's time to revel in the ultimate comfort of your newly installed underfloor heating system. Sit back, unwind, and relish the soothing warmth that permeates every corner of your East Kilbride home.

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Frequently asked questions

Underfloor heating is a system of pipes or electric heating elements, often installed beneath tile, laminate, hardwood, or carpet in a room. It can use one of two types of radiant heating: electric – where heated wires are run beneath or within the flooring – or hydronic – where hot water pipes run throughout the flooring. Either system warms the floor itself, which then emanates heat upward to warm the room . It’s an energy-efficient and comfortable way to heat your home.

Underfloor heating can work with nearly any type of flooring material. Certain materials will conduct the heat more effectively, but underfloor heating can be installed beneath tile, hardwood, or carpet. It’s even compatible with laminate floors.

Yes! When a home is being built, the systems are designed and put in place under a new floor. But underfloor heating can also be installed in existing homes; if you’re retrofitting an old room, it may take a bit longer and require additional planning and considerations.

Underfloor heating is much more energy-efficient than traditional radiator systems. Because it runs at much lower temperatures and distributes that heat more evenly throughout the room, it consumes less energy — an estimated 15 per cent less than traditional radiator systems. That equals lower energy bills.

It could. Underfloor heating is one of those nice-to-have features that could certainly offer you a leg up in the market. Just like any feature of your home, underfloor heating — particularly if your home is already equipped with it — is a selling point and a luxury (because it’s an efficient and luxurious way to heat your home). Buyers are likely to be impressed by it.

Underfloor heating systems require minimal maintenance. Like any part of a home, it has components that will need periodic checks, and the system must be properly insulated to maintain its efficiency. But overall, there’s very little maintenance required.

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