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Underfloor heating floor plan
Smooth concrete floor screed in a well-lit living room
Underfloor heating pipes installed before screed in a living room

Upgrade your floors

Seamless screed installations in Stirling

Your floors deserve a layer of screed to level things out

You should never be in a property without a layer of screed over the floors. Not because it's dangerous but because you could negatively impact the quality and comfort of your property. Without screed, you open yourself up to the opportunity of heat loss and uneven flooring. But at Next Level, we ensure this doesn't happen.

If you have an underfloor heating system that needs better insulation or you just want floor screeding to enhance your property, we can get the job done.

Using the best practices and with years of experience, our contractors can transform your Stirling property and give you something to be proud of.

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Best screeding around

Why choose NextLevel?

Transforming one Stirling property at a time

At Next Level, we have worked for years, learning the ins and outs of underfloor heating systems and screed installations. With almost two decades of experience behind us, we have managed to perfect the installation process, helping ensure your Stirling property has all it needs when it comes to insulation and level floors.

Whether you need a layer of screed to smooth out your property's surfaces or you have a UFH system that requires some extra protection, we're always here to help. One of our contractors will keep you in the loop throughout the entire installation process to ensure you're informed and have your project needs met.

Collage: Warm floor system setup and smooth floor screed in a living space
Polished concrete floor screed at house entrance
Corridor floor with professionally leveled screed Ideal floor screed under optimal lighting conditions

The experts

Stirling screed for the next decade

We promise our installation will last for ten years

The last thing you want is a layer of screed that always cracks and requires repairs. Luckily, with Next Level, this is never the case. We are so confident with our skills and installation process that we guarantee that your screed will stay with you for the next 10 years.

That's right! Next Level offers a 10-year guarantee on all of our Stirling screed installations.

We ensure that we only take on contractors who have years of experience in the industry and have gone through vigorous training to learn our installation process. We also only use the highest quality screed products that have been proven to stand the test of time. This all means you never have to worry about repairs or additional installations.

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Sectors We Specialise In

We work with a wide range of properties in Stirling, ensuring they all have access to screed installations:

The ultimate option

Stirling floor screed benefits

Take your floor surface to the next level with quality screed

Not only does screed have advantages that accompany an underfloor heating installation, but it also protects your floors. Here are some of the main pros you can experience when installing a layer of screed into your Stirling property:

  • Smooths and levels out your floor surface
  • Evenly distributes the warmth around your home
  • Strengthens your floors and adds durability
  • Enhances the energy efficiency of your property
  • Options to customise to your desired needs
  • Sound insulation between storeys
Collage: Impeccably smooth screed in a private residence

Top-quality screed

The best screed in Stirling

Why should you settle for a sub-par screed when you can have the best? Next Level works with the best product in the industry to ensure your project is completed to perfection. Cemfloor is the ultimate screed in Stirling and helps contribute to our 10-year guarantee.

We have also partnered with reputable suppliers to ensure we always have a good amount of screed on hand.

Reasons for screed

Why you should install screed

Every home in Stirling deserves what screed has to give

Too many homes and commercial properties in Stirling don't have a layer of screed installed over their floors, and this leads to a wide range of negative impacts. For example, if you have underfloor heating systems, it can lead to heat loss.

Industrial flooring and family homes deserve floors that are level, smooth, and ensure the property is properly insulated. Screed is the ultimate solution to many problems, and you should always consider adding it to any space you live or work in.

Expertly leveled screed in a private residence

Our steps

How we install screed

It's all done in a matter of four steps


Call us

If you call one of our contractors, we'll be able to talk to you about what we can offer you in terms of screed and the best option for your property.


We'll visit you

One of our experts will visit your property and provide you with a free survey to see what needs to be done. We'll then put together a quote based on your desired budget.



When you approve the quote, we can start getting to work. We'll follow our seamless installation process to add the screed to your property.



The job is now complete, and you can enjoy proper insulation for your underfloor heating and smooth and level surfaces all year round.

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Frequently asked questions

In construction, the screed serves as a crucial layer that ensures floor surfaces are level and smooth. It's crucial for achieving the right aesthetic and functional finish of floors.

The drying time for screed in Stirling can be influenced by the local climate, which is often cool and damp. Generally, a standard sand and cement screed takes about 1-2 days per millimetre to dry under ideal conditions. However, factors like humidity, temperature, and ventilation can affect this.

In response to growing environmental concerns, there are eco-friendly screed options available in Stirling. These might include screeds made with recycled materials or those designed to reduce carbon emissions during production.

Stirling offers various types of screed to suit different construction needs. Traditional cement and sand screed are popular for their affordability and versatility. Liquid screed, often used for its quicker drying times and ease of pouring, is also available.

Screed and concrete, while similar in composition, serve different purposes in construction. Concrete is a robust and structural material used for foundations, walls, and floors. It's made from a mixture of cement, aggregate, and water and has significant load-bearing capabilities. Screed, on the other hand, is a finer mix used primarily for levelling and smoothing the upper layer of a floor.

Weather conditions in Stirling, which can often be cool and damp, play a significant role in screed application and drying. High humidity and low temperatures can prolong the drying process. It's generally advised to avoid screed application in extreme weather conditions.

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