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Underfloor heating floor plan
Smooth floor leveling in a small room
Prepared floor with underfloor heating pipes before floor leveling

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If you’re dealing with the cold in Paisley, your underfloor heating system has got to be topped off with a thick layer of screed. Without it, your heating setup will struggle to maintain warmth and distribute warmth on those freezing days, especially in our chilly northern climate. At Next Level, we’re the experts in screed installations, allowing you to keep the heat on correctly.

Of course, the benefits of screeded floors reach much further than installation for underfloor heating. Our elite screed elevates the structural integrity of your property, from erasing irregular surfaces to reducing the likelihood of unsightly cracks as time goes on. The Next Level experience will have your residence or commercial establishment adorned with a floor that stands the test of time.

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At Next Level, we offer exceptional underfloor heating and screed installation knowledge and professional service in Paisley. Drawing on a wealth of industry experience, we have first-rate heating solutions coupled with only the very best in screed boards, ensuring unsurpassable floor levelling and insulation.

But here's where we go the extra mile: our service extends beyond underfloor heating screed installations to include floor levelling for domestic properties, commercial space and everything in between, served by our talented, adaptable team right across Paisley and beyond.

Photocollage of professionally leveled floor in a private house from various angles
Photocollage with underfloor heating system in the corridor and completed floor leveling
Floor with installed underfloor heating system before leveling Professionally finished floor leveling with underfloor heating system

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Since we began, we’ve consistently set the pace of our industry, mastering the most cutting-edge installation techniques available on the market. As part of our unparalleled commitment to precision and efficiency, we pledge that your project will be finished in record time and with millimetre-perfect accuracy. That’s why we’re confident enough to guarantee every inch we cover a remarkable 10-year guarantee

That’s right, no replacements for a solid decade – guaranteed!

We’ve got the skills and kit to produce rapid-drying floor screeds that are suitable for a pour, spread and finish, pumped and placed, beaded application, or even self-levelling floor screed.

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Don’t regret not screeding your floors in the future by missing out on the wide range of benefits.

Opting for screeded floors in Paisley offers a myriad of benefits for both your property and underfloor heating system:

  • Achieves a level and seamless surface
  • Facilitates even and efficient heat distribution
  • Enhances the strength and durability of your flooring
  • Boosts energy efficiency by providing excellent insulation
  • Customisable to suit your project requirements
  • Provides an additional layer of sound insulation
Collage: Impeccably smooth screed in a private residence

What we work with

Screeding services with the best products

When it comes to screeding your floors in Paisley, we make sure to adhere to the highest standards. Cemfloor is one of our top-tier materials. Not only does it offer the kind of durability that ensures reliability, but it also provides the kind of insulation that just can't be overlooked.

We have also gone to lengths to ensure we have a network of some of the most reputable suppliers in the business. Every project we undertake gives us access to some of the most top-quality materials you will find.

UFH + screed

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Ensure you get the most out of your underfloor heating by pairing it with screed.

Many Paisley residents often miss the advantages of screeding upon installing underfloor heating systems, but they are invaluable. Heat is retailed, insulation is enhanced, and your property’s comfort is maximised by the pivotal role this plays. Our expert screeding means that your underfloor heating system in Paisley is truly comprehensive and something we offer to all our valued clients here at Next Level.

Our protective layer ensures that your property is warm and snug every day of the year, with your property in good stead and always comfortable.

Curing of warm floor leveling

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Our screed allows your property to enjoy warm, comfortable floors all year long.

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Frequently asked questions

Screed is a thin layer of cementitious material applied over a concrete subfloor to provide a smooth, level surface for the final floor finish. It helps to correct any imperfections in the subfloor and improves the overall quality and longevity of the flooring.

Screed plays a crucial role in underfloor heating systems by providing thermal conductivity, allowing heat to be efficiently transferred from the pipes or cables to the floor surface. This ensures even distribution of heat throughout the room, maximising the system's efficiency.

There are several types of screed commonly used in Paisley, including traditional sand and cement screed, liquid screed, and proprietary self-leveling screeds. Each type has its advantages and is suitable for different applications depending on factors such as project requirements and site conditions.

The drying time for screed can vary depending on factors such as the type of screed used, thickness applied, and environmental conditions. Typically, traditional sand and cement screeds may take several weeks to dry fully, while liquid screeds can dry much faster, often within a few days.

Yes, screed is a versatile flooring material suitable for both residential and commercial properties in Paisley. It can be used in various applications, including new construction, renovations, and extensions, to provide a smooth, level surface for a wide range of final floor finishes.

To ensure the quality of screed installation, it's essential to work with experienced and reputable contractors who have a proven track record of delivering high-quality results. Additionally, conducting thorough site assessments, proper preparation, and adhering to industry best practices can help achieve optimal screed performance.

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