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Underfloor heating floor plan
Professionally installed floor screed in a large private home.
Floor preparation with underfloor heating system before pouring concrete screed.

Elevate your Livingston floors

Bespoke screed services crafted for Livingston homes

Upgrade your home’s ambience with premium screed for enduring comfort.

Ensuring your Livingston home stays cosy through the chill of West Central Scotland winters requires more than just a functioning heating system—it demands a solid foundation. At Next Level, we recognise the importance of a quality screed layer, especially when paired with underfloor heating.

Our team specialises in providing top-notch screed floor installations tailored to the unique needs of Livingston properties.

But the benefits of a screeded floor extend beyond just combating the cold. Even if underfloor heating isn't in your plans, opting for a screed floor offers numerous advantages. From smoothing out uneven surfaces to eliminating decades-old cracks, our goal at Next Level is to keep your Livingston property safe and structurally sound, ensuring it remains a comfortable haven year-round.

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Premier Livingston screed specialists

Superior screed solutions by Next Level

Flawless screed flooring for your home and underfloor heating system

In Livingston, Next Level’s underfloor heating and screed installation set the standard for excellence in home comfort solutions. With a wealth of experience, we're dedicated to delivering unparalleled heating solutions and top-grade screed boards, ensuring your property benefits from superior floor levelling and insulation.

But our expertise extends beyond underfloor heating screed installations. We specialise in comprehensive floor levelling services for residential and commercial properties throughout Livingston and its environs. Trust our skilled team to execute your project with precision and unwavering professionalism, adapting our approach to meet the specific requirements of your project, no matter the scale or complexity.

Photo collage of the floor screeding process in various rooms, professionally executed with the final result.
Prepared room floor for screeding work.
Smooth and leveled floor after concrete screeding. Freshly screeded floor in a large space, immediately after completion.

Trusted expertise

Long-lasting screeding solutions in Livingston

Experience decade-long durability with our premium screed services

At Next Level, we are Livingston's premier screed company, setting the standard for precision and innovation. Our commitment to exceptional precision means your project will be completed quickly and with remarkable accuracy. Each and every project we complete comes with an outstanding 10-year guarantee.

That's right - no need for replacements for a decade!

With Next Level, you have a seamless service that will provide you with the perfect quick-drying screed mix for your project, one that is tailored to your unique specifications. Our team of experts have the most advanced knowledge and tools to undertake pour, spread and finish to tolerance, beaded application, or self-levelling, ensuring that every inch of your surface is flawlessly and seamlessly perfect.

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Sectors we specialise in

Choose to opt for our Livingston screeding services in one of our two main sectors: Residential and commercial.

Supreme flooring craftsmanship

Discover the benefits of Livingston’s premier screed solutions

Improve your flooring with our exceptional concrete screed applications

Choosing screeded floors in Livingston brings a multitude of advantages that enhance not only your property but also the performance of your underfloor heating system:

  • Achieve a perfectly level surface
  • Consistent heat distribution
  • Increased strength and longevity
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Customised to your specifications
  • Soundproofing benefits
Photo collage depicting floor work process from clean house foundation, insulation, heating pipe installation, to final result with screeding.

Premier material selection

Elevating Livingston’s standards

At Next Level, our dedication to unparalleled excellence starts with selecting premium materials. When screeding your floors in Livingston, we prioritise using top-quality materials that guarantee durability and reliability. One prime example of such excellence is our partnership with Cemfloor—a renowned industry leader celebrated for its unmatched reliability and superior performance.

Yet, our commitment to excellence extends far beyond the choice of materials alone. We've established a robust network of trusted suppliers, ensuring that the necessary materials are readily available for projects of any size.

Seamless integrations

The advantages of pairing screed with UFH

Elevate your underfloor heating system with the added benefits of screed

Homeowners in Livingston often underestimate the importance of incorporating screed alongside their underfloor heating systems. However, this additional agent is crucial in ensuring that your heating setup functions to its optimum level and efficiently operates within your property. Aside from retaining heat from your system, the underfloor heating screed provides a protective layer that strengthens the warmth and comfort felt within your property.

At Next Level, we offer our clients complete solutions and as a result, top-quality screed is incorporated into all of our services. With our premium protective layer, you can rest assured that your property is well insulated and will be toasty warm all year round.

Collage illustrating the process of insulating and screeding the floor in a room with a nice view.

Advanced screeding techniques

Swift flooring solutions in Livingston

Achieve floor excellence through our efficient screeding process


Comprehensive consultation

Entrust our Livingston screeding specialists to navigate the myriad options available. Our adaptable screeding systems are tailored to meet the unique needs of your property with precision.


On-site assessment

Following your initial inquiry, coordinate with our team to schedule a complimentary site visit. A dedicated team member will arrive promptly at the agreed-upon time to conduct thorough measurements and assessments.


Quick installation

Upon acceptance of our custom quote, we initiate the installation process for your new flooring promptly and efficiently, without any unnecessary delays.


Enhanced comfort

With our expertly installed screed in place, your property is primed to exude luxurious warmth and comfort throughout every season of the year!

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Frequently asked questions

Screed is a thin layer of some cementitious material that is poured or applied over a concrete slab or on top of old concrete as toping to provide a smooth, level surface on which the final floor covering, such as tiles, wood, or carpet, is laid. It is meant to create a smooth and level surface for the installation of various types of floor coverings and is an integral part of a flooring system

The drying time when a screed is used can vary. It primarily depends on the type of screed used, the ambient temperature and humidity levels. As a rule of thumb, screeds take a minimum of a few days to a maximum of four to six weeks to dry.

Yes, screed is an excellent choice of material to use in conjunction with underfloor heating systems. Its thermal mass helps to distribute heat evenly across the floor surface, enhancing the efficiency of the heating system and delivering a consistent level of warmth across your living space.

Screed can be utilised in a wide variety of applications, as it is designed for use in a multitude of properties. This includes everything from residential homes to commercial and industrial spaces.

The versatility of screed applications enables it to be tailored to meet the requirements of different environments, such as grade materials or specialist flooring. With that in mind, the thickness of the application can range anywhere from 50 mm to 75 mm for domestic applications and up to 100mm for commercial/industrial applications.

Screed is made from natural materials such as cement, sand, and water, making it a relatively eco-friendly choice for flooring.

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