Elevate Your Flooring with Quality Screed in Edinburgh

Opt for screeded floors to ensure level surfaces and insulation in your Edinburgh property

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Achieve a perfectly level and smooth surface for your flooring
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Edinburgh’s top choice for screed installation

Why settle for second-best when you can have the highest quality screed?

Without a layer of heavy-duty screed applied above your underfloor heating system, you may be prone to suffering from heat loss and poor insulation. This can be a major problem, especially in the cold Edinburgh climate! At Next Level, we provide screeded floor installation to protect and evenly distribute your warmth.

But it doesn’t stop there! Even if you don’t have an underfloor heating system, you can opt for screeded floors to level your surfaces, reduce the risk of cracking, and protect your overall property.

Using high-quality mixtures and the best methods around, you can have the best result in your Edinburgh home or commercial building.

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Why choose Next Level?

Installing the ultimate floor screed for underfloor heating

Next Level is our name, and underfloor heating and screed is our game. That's right, we have years of experience in installing the ultimate heating solutions and ensuring they are protected with screed boards for level floors and insulation. Even if you don’t need the UFH screed, we can add it to level any property’s flooring.

From residential screeding to commercial screeding in Edinburgh, our contractors have all the expertise to complete your flooring project to your desired needs. We stick with you throughout the entire process, offering updates and ensuring you get the result you want.

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Edinburgh screeding that stands the test of time

We guarantee that our screed application will last for 10 years!

We are Edinburgh's number one screed company, and that's because we use the best installation processes. Not only do we complete your UFH system and screeded floor within your time frame, but it is done with such precision that we can offer you a 10-year guarantee.

That’s right! You won’t need to get another replacement for AT LEAST a decade.

Next Level has all the tools and ingredients needed to create the ideal quick-drying screed mixture before we start. We then pour and spread the screed, ensuring it is level and smooth everywhere. We finish by curing the area and allowing it to dry. As the result, we get a perfectly screed surface that is there to last.

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We can protect every room’s floors throughout your Edinburgh building by adding a layer of top-quality screed.


Benefits of floor screeding

Ensure your property is properly heated and protected with a layer of dry screed board

There's a reason people opt for screeded floors in Edinburgh, and that's because they come with a wide range of benefits for your property and underfloor heating system:

  • Provides a level and smooth floor surface
  • Distributes heat evenly and efficiently
  • Designed to add strength and durability to flooring
  • Helps improve a building's energy efficiency
  • Easy to customise to specific projects
  • Offers a layer of sound insulation
Expert Floor Screed Installation


Why screed matters in underfloor heating

Don't make the mistake of installing screed-less underfloor heating systems

Too many people opt for underfloor heating companies that neglect to add a layer of screed on top of the system. This leads to lost heat, lower levels of insulation, and less overall comfort. That's why we ensure we always offer UFH screed to our Edinburgh clients.

Not only does floor screeding provide a smooth and stable surface, it also protects all the heating elements embedded in the floor. Therefore, you can enjoy a warm property all year round with complete peace of mind.


Receive level floors and insulated heat in no time

We will complete your project in just four steps!



Contact one of our Edinburgh screeding experts and we will talk you through your options and how we can introduce our top-quality screed to your property.



One of our contractors will provide you with a free site visit and see whether we need to install a separate UFH system, screed your current system, or install screed on its own while trying to meet your budget.



After you approve our quote, we are ready to get started! We’ll mix, layer, and dry the screed until it’s done to perfection.



Once the screed is installed and levelled, all that’s left to do is enjoy the insulated warmth and strong surfaces of your screed floors for years to come.

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Frequently asked questions

You can choose from various types of screed in Edinburgh, with the most common options including sand-cement screed, self-levelling screed, and anhydrite screed. The choice is up to you and your project's requirements.

Yes! At Next Level, we offer our screeding services for both commercial and residential properties. No matter your building type, we are able to provide you with all the benefits of floor screed for underfloor heating.

It is highly recommended that you hire a professional such as Next Level to install a screed level in your property. This is because we have expertise and 50-years experience that will protect your property, your UFH system, and ensure you receive the best results.

The cost of floor screeding can vary depending on factors such as the type of screed, the size of the area, and the specific project requirements. We recommend contacting one of our contractors for a free quote before we start with your project.

Yes, we can install screed on existing floors in Edinburgh. However, this might take longer than a new build, and we will need to remove and add your flooring.

Drying time for screeded floors can vary based on factors like screed type and environmental conditions. It's crucial to follow recommended drying times to ensure the best results and prevent any issues with your flooring. Our experts at Next Level can guide you on this.

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