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Opt for screed flooring to transform your East Kilbride residence into a haven of comfort and style

Underfloor heating floor plan
Newly installed floor heating system in a private house
Floor preparation for heating system installation with concrete screed.


Exceptional screed solutions tailored for East Kilbride

Upgrade your living environment with high-quality screed for lasting comfort.

Laying a good, thick layer of screed over your underfloor heating is essential for beating the cold in East Kilbride. Without it, your heating network will struggle to maintain enough balm to fight the bitter elements we face in this pocket of West Central Scotland. At Next Level, we boast the finest screed floor installations to ensure those underfloor heating systems remain as efficient as possible so that your floors continue to disperse the warmth throughout your home.

But there’s more!

Opting for a screeded floor brings many other benefits, even if you decide not to install underfloor heating. Whether smoothing out uneven surfaces or removing the decades-old crack in that hallway, we are committed to ensuring your property remains safe and structurally sound.

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Leading East Kilbride screed experts

Next Level’s excellence in screed solutions

Elevate your underfloor heating system with impeccable screed flooring installation

At Next Level, we offer the leading underfloor heating and screed installation solutions in East Kilbride. With vast expertise, we are here to provide excellent, top-tier heating solutions and premium quality screed boards, giving your property unmatched floor levelling and insulation.

Our services go beyond underfloor heating screed installations. We’re equipped to provide floor levelling in any type of residential or commercial property across East Kilbride and its surrounding areas. Count on our expert team to carry out your project with precision and a high level of professionalism, scaling our operation to suit the size and scope of your project.

Freshly poured concrete screed in a room.
Completed installation of floor heating system in a room before screeding.
Smooth and level floor screed freshly poured and leveled. Professionally executed smooth floor screed in a large space.

Renowned experience

East Kilbride screeding: Your lasting solution

Enjoy peace of mind with screed built to last a decade

As the leading screed company in East Kilbride, we have reached the very top of our industry by being at the forefront of installing with the latest cutting-edge and precision-driven techniques. Our commitment to excellence means that we have your project completed quickly and with unrivalled accuracy… all of which comes with a fantastic 10-year guarantee.

Yes, you read that correctly… no replacements for a decade!

At Next Level, we have the necessary tools and expertise to create the perfect quick-drying screed mix for your project. Our skilled team uses a pour, spread and finish to a tolerance technique, beaded application, or self-levelling, guaranteeing that every square inch of your surface has flawless, seamless perfection.

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Sectors We Specialise In

You can get the most out of your screeding in East Kilbride when you choose a service from one of our sectors:

Unmatched flooring excellence

The advantages of screed

Increase your floors’ standards with superior concrete screed

In East Kilbride, opting for screeded floors presents a range of benefits that elevate both your property and underfloor heating system:

  • Achieves a flawlessly level surface
  • Consistent heat distribution
  • Augmented strength and longevity
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Tailored to your specifications
  • Soundproofing benefits
Smooth, level, and shiny floor screed poured in the main hallway of the house.

Quality products

All round excellence

Our commitment to excellence begins with the very materials that we use. When screeding your floors in East Kilbride, we believe in using the best materials that add quality and reliability, and a perfect example of such is Cemfloor —our partner in material excellence, a company renowned for its unmatched reliability.

But our promise of excellence doesn’t begin and end with the materials we use. Our reliable network of suppliers ensures that the materials are always on hand for any project of any size.

The perfect combination

Benefits of integrating screed with UFH

Enhance your underfloor heating with the added advantage of screed

In East Kilbride, many homeowners forget about screed when installing underfloor heating systems, but it is a vital element. Not only does it help to retain heat, but it also serves to improve insulation, thereby ensuring optimal comfort within your property.

Here at Next Level, we understand how crucial it is to offer our East Kilbride clients the whole package, which means top-quality screed is a part of all our services. With our premium protective layer, you can rest safely knowing that your property is well-maintained and snug all year round.

Result of floor screeding work in a private house.

Elite screeding method

Fast and seamless floors

Floor perfection with our streamlined screeding procedure


Initial consultation

Let our East Kilbride screeding experts guide you through the countless options. Our screeding systems are adaptable to match the specific requirements of your property every time.


On-site evaluation

After your initial contact, speak with our team member to arrange for your free site visit. Our dedicated team member arrives at the scheduled time and undertakes all the necessary measurements and evaluations.


Effortless installation

Once you have accepted our free, no-obligation custom quote, we will begin the installation of your new flooring without delay.


Year-round comfort

With your screed now expertly in place, your property can boast luxurious, warm, and inviting floors the whole year through!

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Frequently asked questions

Screed is a mixture of cement, sand and water, used as a top layer to a solid concrete subfloor. It is usually troweled out and spread on top to create a smooth and level surface so that the final flooring finish, such as tiles, carpet or wood, can be installed on it.

The big difference between concrete and screed is concrete can be used for a structural subfloor, whereas screed is generally used to finish a floor for that precise finish.

Screed offers many advantages for flooring. Not only does it provide a level and smooth surface for the flooring to be added, but it is great for thermal insulation. It is also high in sound insulation, which is great for commercial areas and offices. It can also offer a perfect top surface to lay good coverings such as tiles, wood or laminate.

Yes, screed can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems. It helps distribute heat evenly across the floor surface and improves the heating system's efficiency.

Drying times can depend on several factors like the type of screed, the thickness of the layer, ambient temperature and humidity in the room. But from when you started, you could wait anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, for it to be fully cured.

There are different types of screeds available, including traditional sand and cement screeds, self-levelling screeds, and fast-drying screeds. The choice of screed depends on factors such as project requirements, substrate conditions, and desired finish.

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