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Screeded floors can take your property from 0-100 with just a simple installation

Underfloor heating floor plan
Smooth and bright floor screed in a room
Preparing the surface for pouring the floor screed

The perfect floors

The number one choice for Dundee screed installation

Give your floors what they deserve with fast drying screed

This may be because you don't have a strong layer of concrete screed installed whether it's just on your floor or above your underfloor heating system. It's something that is essential, especially during the freezing Dundee winters! At Next Level, we have the perfect solution, offering quality screed floor installations.

But that's not the only thing having a layer of screed is good for. It is also a great addition to help level out your flooring, providing it with a stronger surface and preventing any cracks or breaks.

With the right materials and experienced contractors, you can take your floors to new heights and ensure your Dundee property has the very best.

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Why choose Next Level?

Screed installation is an art form, and we have perfected it

At Next Level, we have put years of hard work into perfecting our screeding process. That's why we have become the number one mix concrete screed installers in Dundee. Not only do we offer properties in the area and throughout Scotland the best heating solutions, but we ensure we finish every job with a robust layer of screed.

Whether you want to install screed in a new-build home or you're looking at upgrading your commercial building in Dundee, we are able to do it all. Our contractors work side by side with you, understanding your needs and working towards giving you your desired result.

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Smooth bright screed floor in corridor just after pouring
Cemfloor material for floor screed Ready-made professional concrete floor screed in a room

Our promise

Floor screeds that last a decade

We guarantee your Dundee property's screeded floors will last 10 years!

There's a reason why Dundee residents have us as their first choice for screed flooring installation. That's because we use the best processes in the industry, offering seamless results. You give us your time frame, and we'll provide you with a UFH system and floor screed you can be proud of within it.

But that's not all, we also promise that your screeded floors will last for at least 10 years!

Next Level can make this promise because we use the most superior mixtures, products, and processes around. Each of our contractors has worked in the industry for years, ensuring they can pour and spread screed with precision, giving your floors a level result. Each step is completed with complete attention to detail so you can make the most of the screed that lasts.

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Sectors We Specialise In

Next Level works with a wide range of buildings when it comes to screed installation, with two main sectors as our focus:

The best results

Dundee floor screeding benefits

Optimise your UFH heating system and level your floors with mix concrete screed

If screeding didn't come with a wide range of benefits, there would be no need for it. That's why so many people in Dundee opt for it, due to its advantages:

  • Smooths and levels out your floors
  • Ensures heat fills up the room evenly
  • Increases the strength and durability of your floors
  • Enhances your property's energy efficiency
  • Able to customise to your needs
  • Provides sound insulation too
Collage of professional concrete floor screed in different rooms

Our screed

Unbeatable screed products

Dundee properties deserve the very best when it comes to floor screeding, which is why we work with Cemfloor. This product is the leading screed in the industry, which has proven quality and long-lasting results.

We also work alongside a wide range of reputable suppliers to ensure we always have the screed you need.

Screed and UFH

Allow screed to optimise your underfloor heating

Underfloor heating systems without screed is a big mistake

One of the biggest mistakes people make in Dundee when installing underfloor heating systems is that they neglect to add a layer of screed on top. This means a loss of heat, less insulation, and less warmth throughout the property in the winter months.

That's why we always offer screed alongside our UFH systems. Not only does it ensure you're warm all year round, but you can also enjoy the added benefit of a smooth and level floor.

Preparing underfloor heating system for pouring into concrete screed

Our screed installations

Screeded floors in a matter of weeks

A four-step process to quality floor screeds


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When the job is finished, there's nothing left for you to do but enjoy your newly screeded floor. Take in the level surfaces and insulated heating all year round.

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Frequently asked questions

While it isn't mandatory to screed the floors in your commercial or residential property in Dundee, it is highly recommended. This is because it can help prevent accidents from bumpy floors by offering a level and smooth surface.

It is easy to worry about whether you're going to slip on freshly mopped screeded floors, but it isn't something that should burden you. This is because all floors with a layer of screed are slip-resistant, even when they become wet.

With the right product and installation, your screed flooring should not crack. That's why Next Level contractors offer a 10-year guarantee that you won't need to replace or repair your screed.

The price of your screeding project will vary based on a number of variables, such as the size of your property and the type of screed being used. However, the average screeding cost is around £20 to £40 per square metre.

While screeding isn't essential, there are a few things that may happen without it. The main thing is that you may have uneven and bumpy floors. You may also see heat loss and poor insulation if you have an underfloor heating system without screed.

While screed is the best choice for level and smooth floors, you can also opt for some alternatives. This includes mastic asphalt and floating floors.

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