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Smooth concrete floor leveling freshly done.
Floor preparation complete with heating system, ready for leveling.

Bespoke Cumbernauld flooring

Tailored screed solutions engineered for Cumbernauld residences

Elevate comfort and style in your Cumbernauld home with perfect floors

Ensuring your Cumbernauld residence remains warm and inviting throughout the brisk winters of Central Scotland requires more than just a functioning heating system—it necessitates a robust foundation. At Next Level, we understand the critical role of a high-quality screed layer, particularly when combined with underfloor heating.

Our dedicated team specialises in delivering exceptional screed floor installations tailored to Cumbernauld properties' distinct requirements.

However, the advantages of a well-executed screeded floor extend far beyond mere thermal comfort. Even if underfloor heating isn't on your agenda, opting for a screed floor presents many benefits. From smoothing out irregular surfaces to eradicating age-old cracks, our mission at Next Level is to ensure your Cumbernauld property remains secure, stable, and a cosy retreat all year round.

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Exceptional Screed Innovations by Next Level

Screed flooring solutions tailored to your home and underfloor heating needs

In Cumbernauld, Next Level stands as the epitome of excellence in home comfort solutions, setting the bar high with our underfloor heating and screed installation services. Backed by years of expertise, we are committed to providing unmatched heating solutions and premium-quality screed materials, ensuring that your property benefits from impeccable floor levelling and insulation.

However, our proficiency extends far beyond underfloor heating and screed installations. We specialise in offering comprehensive floor levelling services catering to both residential and commercial properties across Cumbernauld and its surroundings. You can rely on our proficient team to carry out your project with meticulous attention to detail and unwavering professionalism.

Smooth floor leveling in a small room of a private house.
Professional floor leveling in multiple rooms.
Perfect floor leveling in two rooms. Shiny concrete floor leveling in a small building space.

Proven excellence

Enduing screeding solutions for Cumbernauld

Achieve decades of reliability with our premium screed services

At Next Level, we are the authority in screeding in Cumbernauld, leading the way with precision and innovation. Our uncompromising pursuit of perfection ensures that your project is delivered with unrivalled precision whilst being completed on time, every time. And here's something else you won't want to miss - we back that up with a fantastic 10-year guarantee on every project we are instructed on.

Yes, you read that right - 10 years of complete peace of mind!

Expect the perfect quick-drying screed mix for your specific project requirements every time from Next Level, tailor-made for your needs. This is delivered by our vastly experienced team, who come equipped with the latest knowledge.

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Sectors We Specialise In

No matter your demand, we will be able to offer our screeding services to your sector, whether residential or commercial:

Masters in flooring

The advantages of Cumbernauld’s leading screed innovations

Elevate your flooring experience with our exceptional concrete screed applications

Opting for screeded floors in Cumbernauld unlocks a myriad of benefits that not only elevate your property's appeal but also optimise the efficiency of your underfloor heating system:

  • Achieve a perfectly level surface for uniformity
  • Enjoy consistent heat distribution throughout your space
  • Experience heightened strength and durability for long-lasting floors
  • Maximise energy efficiency and reduce heating costs
  • Customise to your exact specifications for a bespoke finish
  • Benefit from enhanced soundproofing properties for a quieter environment
Professional in the process of leveling the concrete floor in a house.

Exclusive materials

Setting new heights in Cumbernauld

At Next Level, our commitment to unmatched excellence begins with meticulous material selection. When screeding your floors in Cumbernauld, we meticulously choose premium-grade materials renowned for their durability and dependability. One example of our dedication to quality is our collaboration with Cemfloor —an esteemed industry leader renowned for its unparalleled reliability and exceptional performance.

However, our pursuit of excellence doesn't stop there. We've forged strong partnerships with a network of trusted suppliers , guaranteeing seamless access to essential materials for projects of all scales.

Integrated excellence

Unlocking the synergies of screed and UFH

Enhance your underfloor heating system with a layer of concrete screed

Many homeowners in Cumbernauld overlook the significance of integrating screed with their underfloor heating systems. Yet, this additional component plays a pivotal role in optimising the performance and efficiency of your heating setup within your property. Beyond simply retaining heat, the underfloor heating screed acts as a protective shield, enhancing the overall warmth and comfort experienced throughout your home.

At Next Level, we provide comprehensive solutions that prioritise quality and effectiveness. In all our services, we ensure the incorporation of premium-grade screed, delivering a robust protective layer that guarantees superior insulation and consistent warmth throughout your property.

Floor leveling in a house under construction.

Swift screeding methods

Rapid flooring solutions tailored for Cumbernauld

Receive brilliant screeded floors with our streamlined techniques


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Elevated comfort

When our screed has been installed with such precision, your Cumbernauld property will be set to enjoy unrivalled heat and warmth, whatever the season!

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Frequently asked questions

Screed consists of cement, sharp sand and water, and is spread in a thin layer over a concrete subfloor to create a smooth, level surface in readiness for the finish. It is important because it provides a stable base, greatly improves thermal conductivity and enables a uniform surface on which to install various designs of floor coverings.

Screed performs the pivotal task of enhancing the performance of underfloor heating systems. It is also a thermal conductor – meaning that it allows the heat from underfloor heating systems to spread evenly across the floor surface. This creates an even heat distribution across a room, thus ensuring the effective performance of a heating system.

There are several types of screed available for all manner of applications in Cumbernauld homes, as well as in commercial properties. These include traditional sand and cement screeds, self-levelling screeds and liquid screeds.

The drying time for screed can depend on a variety of factors such as thickness, ambient temperatures and humidity levels. As a general guide, however, screed can take anything from a few days to several weeks to dry and set.

Yes, but – as with any subfloor – the existing substrate must be assessed, and any preparation work needs to be carried out to ensure that the screed can be laid. The existing floor must be in good condition and free from dampness or contamination.

Yes, screed is compatible with various flooring finishes, including tiles, wood, vinyl, and carpet. It provides a stable and level base for installing these floor coverings.

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