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Underfloor heating floor plan
Professionally polished floor in a spacious private home with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows.
Installed water underfloor heating system in a large room with panoramic windows.

Enjoy better flooring

Highly regarded screed for your Ayrshire home

Get the most out of your living or office space with premium screed.

We all know how cold it can get in Ayrshire, especially during the winter months. While some people can get by with a simple radiator, the majority of us need more than that. Not only can a layer of screed introduce a strong insulation layer to keep the heat in, but when paired with an underfloor heating system from Next Level, you can feel comfortable all year round.

At Next Level, we have a team of experts who can install quality screed in your Ayrshire property, regardless of size or requirements.

And you won’t just be able to enjoy the advantages of pairing screed with underfloor heating; you can get so much more than that. Screed provides homes and offices with a wide range of benefits, including smoother floors, balanced surfaces, and fewer cracks in century-old properties. The team at Next Level wants to ensure you have the best.

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The Ayrshire screed geniuses

Only the best from Next Level

Screed flooring and unmatched warmth, you won’t ever regret installing

If you want underfloor heating and screed installation in Ayrshire, you can never go wrong with Next Level’s team of hands-on experts. We are committed to providing our customers with the ultimate comfort, so we use our years of experience to give you a quality screeding solution. Combine it with one of our underfloor heating solutions, and you’ll never want to leave your home again.

And if you want your home to not only feel better but look better, too, our Ayrshire property floor levelling services will do the job. Whether you need help with a residential or commercial property, our team will work by your side, learn about your needs, and ensure the project is completed to perfection.

Collage showing the installation process of a warm floor heating system throughout the house, followed by smooth flooring.
Collage displaying the floor screed after installing underfloor heating.
Before and after photo collage of concrete screeding in a small space. Expertly crafted concrete floor screed in a spacious room with large windows.

Experts with a promise

Screed in Ayrshire that won’t give up on you

Enjoy your screeded floors for at least the next ten years

Next Level prides itself on being the number one screeding company in Ayrshire, only using the most innovative techniques and products. We want you to enjoy our services and results to the fullest, which is why we finish each job to perfection. Due to this, we are able to promise that each of our screeding projects will last for at least the next decade.

You heard that right - each screeding project comes with a 10-year guarantee!

You’ll not only receive a fast and reliable service with our quick-drying screed mix, but it’ll also meet all your individual needs. Our experts work closely with you to ensure they understand your timeline and budget, then complete the whole process from pouring and spreading to levelling so you have a great result.

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Sectors We Specialise In

At Next Level, we don’t just work on homes, we work on a wide range of residential and commercial properties.

Take your floors to the top

The undeniable advantages of Ayrshire screeding services

Make your property feel and look better with these many advantages of screed

When you opt for Next Level screeding services in Ayrshire, you get to enjoy a wide range of benefits for the next decade. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Level floors with no bumps
  • Much better heat distribution
  • Strong floors for a decade
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Tailored services for your needs
  • Additional soundproofing
Floor screeding underway in the entire floor of a large private home during construction.

Quality screeding products

Materials that don’t let you down

Next Level promises excellence before you even start a project with us, and that’s all because we have a stock of the best materials in the industry. When we work on your Ayrshire property, we use some of the best products around, known for offering durable and reliable results. Our dedicated partner is Cemfloor, which is known by all contractors who work with screed and has earned rewards for its performance.

However, we don’t just work with the best materials in the industry; we also have partnerships with a wide range of trusted suppliers to help with other aspects of our projects.

The perfect pair

Why install screed with underfloor heating?

Enjoy your UFH system to the fullest with the addition of screed

When you’ve heard of underfloor heating, you’ve probably heard of screed alongside it. But why do these two always seem to go together? Many people underestimate screed’s power, but it helps ensure that your heating system works to the fullest, providing you with unmatched warmth and the best efficiency. It allows for a better retention of heat and protects your underfloor heating system at the same time.

Next Level luckily offers both services on your property. Whether you want screed, underfloor heating, or both, you can make the most out of what we offer. Our team guarantees your home will be comfortable and warm all year round.

Collage depicting the floor preparation process in a large space, including insulation installation, laying of water underfloor heating system, and concrete screeding.

How we screed

The seamless Ayrshire screed method

Discover how to receive screeding with Next Level


Talk to an expert

Contact one of our Ayrshire screeding specialists and tell us what you want out of our project. We will discuss your needs and put together a project design that you’ll be happy with.


Site visit

Once we’ve spoken to you, we’ll provide you with a free site visit so we can get a better idea of what we can do for you. We’ll send one of our experts to assess your property.


Seamless installation

We’ll provide you with a quote that fits your budget, and when you are happy with it, we’ll start installing your screed as quickly as possible without giving up on quality.


Unmatched comfort

When your screed is in place and dry, there’s nothing left to do other than enjoy your newly level and smooth surfaces throughout your property.

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Frequently asked questions

Screed is essential in Ayrshire to create a level surface for flooring installations. It helps to ensure that the final flooring is even and stable, especially in buildings with uneven or rough concrete subfloors.

Common types of screed used in Ayrshire include traditional sand and cement screed, self-levelling screed, and fast-drying screed. Each type has its own advantages, depending on the project's specific requirements.

Drying times for screed in Ayrshire can vary depending on factors such as weather conditions, type of screed used, and thickness of the layer. Typically, traditional sand and cement screeds can take several weeks to dry fully, while self-levelling and fast-drying screeds can dry much quicker, sometimes within a few days.

Yes, screed can be installed over underfloor heating systems in Ayrshire. In fact, it is commonly used to encase and protect the heating pipes while providing a level surface for the final flooring.

A properly installed screed in Ayrshire should be smooth, level, and free from cracks or voids. It should also adhere well to the subfloor and have uniform thickness throughout. Hiring a reputable contractor with experience in screed installation is essential to ensure a quality finish.

Screed itself is typically made from natural materials such as cement, sand, and water, making it relatively environmentally friendly. However, the production process and transportation of materials may have environmental impacts. Opting for eco-friendly screed options or locally sourced materials can help minimise these effects.

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