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Commercial underfloor heating pipis installation on metal fundament

Upgrade Your Building

Say Goodbye To Substandard Heating

And say hello to lower energy costs, more space, and trustworthy contractors.

Are you struggling to heat your property using basic radiators? Or can you just not find a reliable team of contractors to get your underfloor heating installation done for you? Either way, this can be stressful for any commercial property owner, and that’s why Next Level is here to help.

We don’t want you to worry about the high energy costs of running a sub-standard system or having to book repairs because the heat isn’t working constantly. Luckily, with one of our underfloor heating solutions, you don’t have any of these problems.

An efficient underfloor heating system is the ultimate fix for all your worries, and we want to assist you in getting the warmth and comfort you deserve.

We’re Here For You

Deal With One Team For All Your Commercial Projects

When working with Next Level, you save yourself the fuss of miscommunication with multiple companies.

Next Level prides itself on being a one-stop shop for all your underfloor heating needs. From the free survey and quote to the installation and finish, we ensure you have the same team of contractors with you the entire time.

We understand that commercial properties can be complex, and so can your heating needs. This is why we ensure everyone who works on your project is on the same wavelength - and this means no additional companies or sub-contractors.

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Underfloor heating pipes installation of 30 port underfloor heating system for a large warehouse
Screeded UFH system installation in a commercial hangar

The Benefits

What You Can Expect

There’s not just one advantage to our underfloor heating and screed systems, and we want you to experience them all:

  • Even heat distribution throughout your property
  • Improved air quality for higher productivity
  • Lower energy bills due to better efficiency
  • Greater flexibility for space design and interior layout
  • Smooth and level floor surface, offering long-lasting durability

You can find more info in our FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

Floor Heating Systems For All Commercial Properties

Find an efficient underfloor heating system with Next Level:

Screeded tacker system

The top choice for new builds, offering optimal efficiency and seamless integration into your construction process.

Suspended Floor System

Perfect for first-floor timber joists, this underfloor heating solution provides exceptionally warm floors and comfort without compromising the integrity of your construction.

Floating Floor System

Whether it's concrete, wood, or other sound substrates, this versatile system offers a seamless underfloor heating experience, adapting effortlessly to various flooring types.

Structural Systems

Tailored for high-load-bearing floor constructions, this water underfloor heating option combines strength and warmth to meet the demands of heavy-duty flooring commercial projects.

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Our Values

We Understand Commercial Underfloor Heating

With over two decades of experience, our contractors have the ideal underfloor heating solutions for your property.

The team at Next Level knows about underfloor heating and screed, and we certainly are not new to the game. We have worked on thousands of projects across Scotland and Northern England.

With such experience, we ensure we provide our commercial customers with the ultimate result and heating systems within their given timeframe and budget. And to top it off, we only use eco-friendly materials and energy efficient processes, helping contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint.

We have a mission of ensuring that all businesses in Scotland have the best possible solution when it comes to offering heat and comfort to their workspace. That is why we always put you and your needs first when completing a project.

Image captured by a drone. Installation of 30 port underfloor heating system for a large warehouse

How We Work

Receive Your Underfloor Heating And Screed In A Few Steps

We pride ourselves on a seamless process that meets your timeframe and demands.


Talk to us

Contact the Next Level team via email, phone, or our contact form, and we will get in touch promptly to discuss what you are looking for.



One of our contractors will visit your commercial property to conduct a free survey before providing you with a quote.



When you’ve given us the green light, we’ll install your brand-new water underfloor heating and screed system within your timeframe.


The Result

After the floor heating systems are in place, you are ready to enjoy its benefits, from lower energy costs to seamless heat transfer.

Our Guarantee

Underfloor heating systems that last

We have a promise for you. We promise you will have quality heat pipe for your property for 50 years.

That’s right. Once we install our solution, you can sit back and enjoy the warmth throughout your commercial building without worrying about having it repaired or replaced. We take great pride in the quality of materials and processes we use for our water and electric underfloor heating systems, so you won’t have to worry about breakdowns or leaks.

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FAQs Our CLients Ask Us

Absolutely! Underfloor heating is designed to handle high footfall and constant use, making it a perfect fit for commercial establishments like retail stores, offices, and public spaces.

Yes, underfloor heating can be retrofitted into existing commercial buildings during renovations. Our expert team can assess the feasibility and provide a tailored solution to meet your needs.

Yes, underfloor heating is compatible with various flooring materials commonly used in commercial settings, such as tiles, laminate, hardwood, and even carpet.

Commercial underfloor heating systems typically require minimal maintenance. We can provide regular checks by our qualified technicians ensure optimal performance and longevity.

All underfloor heating systems are different, but the maximum temperature is often between 40 and 50 degrees Celcius.

Various factors will affect the running costs of underfloor heating systems, such as the size of the commercial property and the energy supplier you are using. However, it is good to note that underfloor heating tends to be much cheaper than radiators, as it uses up to 40% less energy.

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