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completed Underfloor heating and finished screed job in Glasgow

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Opt For Year-round Warmth With Energy Efficient Solutions

Say goodbye to cold winters and meet complete comfort.

Are you tired of costly and inefficient heating? Are bills soaring due to traditional radiators and boilers? Imagine a property where every room is perfectly warm, and you save on energy costs at the same time.

By opting for an underfloor heating installation in your property, you can experience warmth in every room while benefiting from resulting in reduced fees and maximum energy efficiency.

At Next Level, we care about energy efficiency, which is why we are here to provide Scotland with the best underfloor heating products and a variety of screeds, including pumped flowing, dry mix, and bagged options.

Our aim is to not only bring costs down but also to ensure your space is heated to perfection, elevating comfort levels to new heights.

Ensuring Your Winter Comfort

A Company That Understands Underfloor Heating

Never worry about heating up your property again.

As winter approaches and it gets colder, it can cause great stress, wondering if you'll be warm enough. We don't want you to ever have to have these worries again by providing you with the best underfloor heating system you know works.

We take pride in delivering personalised solutions tailored to your specific needs and strong customer service. From the moment we start the surveying process to the final quality tests, our focus remains on taking care of everything, ensuring you can have complete peace of mind.

Complete underfloor heating and screed work done in Killin village, Perthshire

Sectors We Specialise In

Whether you want to heat up your home, or a larger commercial property, we’re here to help.

Group image 1 | Professional screeder from Next Level Underfloor Heating And Screed Solutions LTD team screeding the floor using cement screed
Group image 2 | Installed underfloor heating manifold. Group image 3 | Installed underfloor heating waterproof layer, insulation and pipes.

The Basics Of A UFH System

What Is Underfloor Heating, And How Does It Work?

Get rid of the high costs of radiators and opt for premium underfloor heating and screed.

Underfloor heating systems involve pipes circulating warm water under your floor, providing the entire room with low maintenance and cost-effective heating.

When going through the wet underfloor heating installation process, we incorporate both floor heating pipes and screed to provide you with the ultimate result.

Here's how it works: We start off by laying down a protective waterproof layer followed by insulation to ensure the heat stays with you all day. Then we install the underfloor heating pipes and finish by covering them all with the screed.

You can find more answers in our FAQ section at the bottom of the page.

Key Benefits

How Underfloor Heating Can Help You

Underfloor heating isn’t just about heat transfer, and there are many benefits to look forward to with our solutions:

  • Complete peace of mind, improved health and comfort
  • Uniform heat circulation from the bottom to the top of the room
  • Energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions
  • A cost-effective way of heating your property
  • Space Saving - no need of radiators
  • Removing floor indifference via a screed system
Image that showcases the basics of how does underfloor heating system work and how does it compare to traditional ratiators

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Installation of underfloor heating system for a large commercial space.

Our Approach

Receive Only The Best From Next Level

We understand that having contractors working on your property can be stressful - and many feel this way initially.

Our team opt for complete transparency in everything we do. From the first introduction to planning the process, our underfloor heating specialists want you to feel a part of the work we do. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are as essential to us as delivering top-notch water underfloor heating systems.

We are the best underfloor heating company in Scotland that focuses on ensuring that every step of the process is seamless, so you are 100% happy with the result of our work and customer service.

Our Experience

Experience Stress-Free Excellence

Staying dedicated to the mission all the time...

We are the underfloor heating company that will work with you to ensure you have the best solution for your needs. We use only the best methods to minimise downward heat loss and provide you with the perfect amount of warmth all year round.

Whether you need help with new builds, commercial buildings, or a home renovation, we are the contractors you can rely on for fast installations and the highest quality results.

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Image captured by a drone. Installation of 30 port underfloor heating system for a large warehouse

How We Work

How Our Underfloor Heating & Screed Services Work.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4... Simplicity was always the key for us. Our seamless process allows you to sit back, relax, and visualize the extraordinary outcome of your project.



Contact us and let us know what you want out of your project. We’ll respond as soon as possible to talk about it more.



Receive your free site visit, survey and quote to discover which approach and materials are best for your underfloor heating system.



After your approval, we will start the installation process. With precision and expertise, we’ll ensure your wet underfloor heating system is set up flawlessly and on time.



All that’s left to do is for you to sit back and relish in the warmth and comfort of your newly installed screeded underfloor heating system.

Our Guarantee To You

50 years of uninterrupted heat.

At Next Level, we are incredibly confident in providing underfloor heating systems that are built for you to last.

Once your underfloor heating system is installed, that’s it! You’re done. You don’t have to worry about constantly maintaining the pipes, and there is zero risk of leaks. And the best part? All of our projects come with a 50-year UFH pipes guarantee, ensuring you’ll have enough heat to for a lifetime.

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FAQs Our CLients Ask Us

Underfloor heating involves warm water rushing through the circuit of pipes and heat pumps installed underneath your screeded floor. After installing the underfloor heating floor build up, we provide you with an intelligent thermostat that can help you control when you want the heating on and off and the temperature you’d like to set.

Screed is a thin layer of cement applied to the floor to remove any indifferences and create a smooth and level surface. It is used in a variety of construction projects but is particularly useful after the installation of underfloor heating systems.

Floor screeding has its own functions for warm water underfloor heating. It helps conduct and distribute the heat evenly, offers a protective layer for the pipes, and removes any floor indifferences.

With Next Level, you don’t have to look for suppliers! Our underfloor heating company offers the full package to any house local to Scotland. You don’t have to search for ‘underfloor heating supplies near me’ either! We provide them as well as the installation. So you can sit back and relax while we get the job done.

You might expect underfloor healing to rack up high costs in your energy bills, but the truth is that it’s actually highly cost-effective. It’s actually cheaper to run a wet underfloor heating system than other household appliances like radiators, washing machines, kettles, and electric showers.

Absolutely! With Next Level's underfloor heating products, you can confidently replace radiators installed by other underfloor heating companies and enjoy numerous benefits. Our advanced technology ensures optimal heat distribution, minimising heat loss and creating a cosy and warm ambience throughout your property.

When installing underfloor heating and screed, you’ll find that it is very efficient. Depending on the model, it uses between 15% and 40% less energy than your traditional radiators.

Various factors affect the timeframe of our installations, but we do all we can to ensure the project is completed promptly. Depending on the size of the project, it can take anything from a few days to several weeks to install our underfloor heating kits. Talk to one of our underfloor heating specialists today for a more accurate timeframe.

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